Amour Partagé is a unique, sophisticated and intense training style for those interested in the Domination and submissision lifestyle as well as BDSM.  AP holds a rich history in its foundation, teachings and structure that will help each person embrace their role in a much deeper way, as well as, building a stronger foundation within themselves.

Amour Partagé is different in its approach than mainstream styles of alternative lifestyle training. Please review the Introduction page to learn more.

Amour Partagé is not for everyone and each person interested in becoming a student must pass through two vetting stages. The first is an introduction class which covers all of Amour Partagé’s history and training options. It will also help you define what role fits you as a person and determine whether Amour Partagé can help you meet your lifestyle goals.

To start this process, please visit our vetting page. We are always open to answer questions, so contact us any time.