Every relationship can carry its own set of issues. The problem most couples seem to have the hardest time with is not the issue itself, but rather the communication required to navigate through and resolve the issue. 

Communication is the number one reason for failure in any type of relationship. 

Don’t let yourself get to a place where you silently harbour feelings towards your partner or their actions. This alone can cause an explosion later that will create more confusion and problems then the original issue carried. 

You must remember that nobody can read your mind, thus communication is key. 

Take each topic, problem, issue and discuss it to yourself first to ensure you are conveying the points related to that issue and not trying to empty 12 additional things on top. 

The energy and dynamic which you use will set the tone on how it’s received by your partner. Approach with maturity and love. Be patient to take the time to explain deeper if your partner doesn’t follow your first attempt. Then you have formed a positive platform that hopefully your partner will follow in reverse.