History of AP
Amour Partagé is a unique, upscale and powerful style of training for those interested in the Domination and submissive lifestyle and/or BDSM. AP was formed in the 1950‘s in Europe with a structure and teaching style that was developed to offer an environment that promotes growth for both parties and a training platform that is safe, healthy, and immersive.

AP is rooted in a rich history, with strict attention to tradition. Many of these traditions are valuable and beautiful, and continue to influence the growth of AP. However, with a new generation rising to govern AP – including a new head of the board – AP is changing to take into account modern needs and contemporary alternative lifestyles. These changes will not only help AP to flourish in the 21st century but make AP available as resource to a wider audience.

Why AP is different
Many of the mainstream paths that exist today possess harmful elements that have marred popular perception of a true D/s relationship. While indeed some paths embrace a more intense approach and both parties seek that impact, this does not mean it should be done in a harmful or degrading manner. In some paths, it is believed that the submissive party should be torn down to be nothing more than a sexual toy or a pet. This notion does not apply to a submissive at all, but rather more of a slave. Though not without its place, for most submissives this approach is not productive or fruitful and can have a lasting negative impact on the submissive’s life.

To clarify, Amour Partage supports simple pet and slave scenarios, but those elements are not part of the foundation within a D/s relationship. There is a healthy and harmful way to do just about anything.

AP training includes the development of ones own character and spirit. It requires dedication and commitment and is not designed for the bedroom Dom/sub relationship. Further, this training is not designed to feed fetish and kink aspects alone.

All Master Trainers in Amour Partagé are required to have a background in psychology. This is one unique characteristic you will typically not find in mainstream training programs.
Regardless of which role you possess, everyone must learn the basics of submission. There is no Dom/Domme in Amour Partage that has not been trained to embrace the aspects of a submissive role. To guide one, means to know one. This does not mean the Dom/Domme IS a sub. It merely means that the Dom/Domme learns to see from the perspective of a sub, which makes them a better Dom/Domme.

Amour Partage does not recognize the role of a switch. It is believed that every person’s balance weighs towards a dominant or submissive nature. Therefore, you are trained to develop your stronger characteristic, which in turn will be more rewarding.

Another important focus to recognize within AP training is the emphasis on spirit, energy and self development. Self examination is a requirement of AP; you will learn to see yourself fully and to work through blocks you may have created based past experience. While training, you will overcome your weaknesses and build upon your strengths.

Another focus is on dealing with the issues which sometimes arise in a relationship. Most often when issues develop between a Dom/Domme and sub it is due to both being at different levels and different understandings on what exactly each party wants and needs. AP tackles that to help a sub connect with a Dom/Domme that meets that balance and vice versa.

Many members of AP have commented that training was a more spiritual experience than in mainstream D/s. There is a focus on meditation and the connection between partners and truly connecting with each other whether for lifestyle, scenes, etc.

How to get started
This is a very basic introduction into Amour Partage. For a complete Introduction session which will dive much deeper into AP and offer the chance for you to explore if AP is right for you, please visit our Vetting page to get started.