My Core

I am a Dominant. I am sometimes a Master and even a Daddy. I embrace, understand, cherish, appreciate, love and respect that dominance. It is me. It is in me, around me and part of me. It forms me and completes who I am as a person. However, my dominance is nothing without her submission. Her desire to have me. To have my control, love, guidance, protection, care, trust, respect and dominance. It is hers willingly. I need her submission willingly. Wanting. Needing. Desiring.

It is not a shared moment. It is a shared life. It is a shared understanding. A shared love. It is something that builds and feeds both of us. It sustains us. It makes us whole in each other and with each other. Apart we are missing pieces. Together we are one. One lovely thing that ignites our very core.

She is my core. My fire. My heart.

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