Amour Partagé offers several training options which are designed to meet your goals.

In order to avail of any of these options you must first complete both stages of the vetting process. If you have not done so, please visit the vetting page to get started.

AP offers extensive training for Dominants and submissives, as well as BDSM and other alternative lifestyles. Training is catered to each person and their goals.

We offer the following training options:

1) Private One-on-One – This is this most popular option as it offers full privacy and attention to you and your training. Private training is offered in person and subject to availability of trainers in your area. The cost for this type of training varies depending on the type of training you receive. In addition, the rate depends on whether you are taught by a trainer or a Master Trainer. (Space is limited for remaking part of 2018)

2) Classroom Training: Amour Partage offers select training classes to small groups. Classes can be booked as a private event or may take place at select events or venues in various locations around the world. These classes are typically geared for specific roles or topics. For more information on classes, please call us or visit our Events page.

3) Three-Day Intensive: A fully immersive three days of training for submissives and/or slaves. Price varies depending on the trainer; if the submissive or slave travels to the trainer, pricing includes includes lodging, food, and training costs, but does not include travel expenses. Alternatively, the trainer can travel to the submissive or slave’s location, in which case the price will include all of the above plus travel cost. For booking and/or pricing, please contact us. (No space available until 2019)

4) Pro-Dom/Domme Session: A Pro-Dom/Domme session is typically booked in two-hour time blocks. This is designed for both submissives and slaves who wish to be with a Master Trainer for an advanced session. The cost for this depends on the Dom/Domme.

For more info or to schedule a session or class, please visit our Contact page.