I have a craving. A wild desire, a want, a hunger….a craving.
I crave to touch the most delicate parts of you, to feel the warmth against you.
I crave to taste your skin, your lips, your sex.
I crave to please you, to bring you to a new level inside of you.
I crave to dominate you in a way that you feel safe, protected, yielded and loved.
I crave your orgasm, pulsing around me, vibrating through to my core.
I crave to experience that moment of total surrender as I pour my passion into you.
I crave to smell you, breath you in, to have your presence intoxicate me.
I crave to feel you around me, on me, with me and within me….touching the very heart inside me.
I crave you. All of you. You….as you are.
This craving absorbs me, takes me over, for the beauty you possess is a drug.
I have a craving. A wild desire, a want, a hunger….you.

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