More Than Just A Role

Submission is more than just playing a role. It is deeper than exploring sexual fulfillment or simply following direction of another.

For those who know they are truly submissive they are aware that it is part of who they are and It is part of what defines them as a person.

A true submissive craves and desires, and more importantly needs, the aspects that flow with submitting to the right dominant which gives them the missing pieces to their life.

Some true submissives know they are what they are but fight against it to a degree due to routines built by life circumstances or bad relationships in past. It takes the willingness to let go of those things and define from a fresh scope.

When I train a new submissive, it is crucial to tackle the person first before the role. What I mean is, to be the best submissive you can be, you must first develop the person within. Deal with personal blocks and any negative headspace and then grow the submissive. Too many people skip this process and in turn they end up submitting a broken person to their dominant and then wonder why everything is so hard or why issues arise within the relationship.

Now in regard to the submission itself. The act of submitting is easy but the choice to submit is harder. The same would apply to following rules, offering servitude, following protocols, etc. You must chose to do things and from a pure place and not a forced one. If you are forcing yourself to listen or respect your dominant then you need to back up a few steps and reevaluate your course. This kind of block usually happens in those who have not resolved other areas in themselves. The other culprit is bad communication. Always communicate feelings and thoughts in your relationship as it keeps everyone on the same page. For a submissive this is very important that they are communicating properly with their dominant so they can be cared for and guided in the best way.

I myself as a dominant want to have pure submission and never forced. By ensuring this is the foundation, it ensures more fluid happiness for both of us in the relationship and dynamic of what we enter into. I also apply all of these same scopes to myself. If I have blocks or issues about myself that I do not address, I would not be offering my submissive the best I can. She deserves that just as I do.

So think about the person you are before the role as it will make a world of difference for everyone involved.

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