The Vetting process for Amour Partagé is two stages.  This allows for a proper process in order to determine if AP is the right fit for you. If you are not accepted, please do not take it personally as AP is simply not for everyone.

1) The Introduction Session:  This is a private one-on-one session where a Master Trainer will cover the history, style and training options of AP as well as help determine what your true role is and what training options will best suit you.  In addition, it allows you time to ask questions, make comments, etc. There is a requested donation of $20 for this session which can be paid at the time of your session.

2) The Base Session:  This is a second part to your Introduction Session and will cover more in depth topics specifically catered to you and the style of training you seek.  This session is where you are either accepted or declined as a student of AP.  There is no cost for this session.

To get started, please contact us for vetting details.

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